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Marko confident in future Red Bull: We are working very efficiently

Marko confident in future Red Bull: "We are working very efficiently"

07-11-2022 20:11 Last update: 21:01


During the US Grand Prix weekend, Red Bull Racing received the sad news that Dietrich Mateschitz had passed away. Helmut Marko stressed that the Red Bull founder's death will change things for the team, but he is confident about the future.

Marko thinks there will definitely be changes under Red Bull's new management, but is not worried about the future of the Formula One team. "Red Bull Racing is the strongest and most efficient marketing tool of the whole group," he is quoted by Auto, Motor und Sport.

Marko confident about Red Bull's future

The Red Bull advisor stresses that the team has already been very self-sufficient in the past. "We were the only ones who didn't have to abide by certain company rules," he explains. That autonomy existed with Mateschitz's approval and Marko expects that the same way can be continued.

According to Marko, it has already been leaked that the new management intends to continue Formula 1 operations in the same way as it does now, "with a relatively strong independence". He does not fear for the future of AlphaTauri either, as there is no financial need to sell the team. Rather, there is a need to bring the team back to a higher sporting level.

There will also be talks with Marko himself, discussing his position within the company. "There are business negotiations coming up in Thailand. I am independent. It depends on the overall structure, but we still have a lot to do. Things are going well at the moment. We are working very efficiently," said the Red Bull adviser.

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