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'Sky Sports F1 top man to visit Red Bull Racing after boycott'

'Sky Sports F1 top man to visit Red Bull Racing after boycott'

07-11-2022 07:46 Last update: 08:51


The feud between Red Bull Racing and Sky Sports appears to be completely resolved. According to The Daily Mail Sky Sports F1 chief executive will soon visit the Milton Keynes factory to iron out the final creases.

Max Verstappen decided not to speak to anyone from Sky Sports in Mexico. The Dutchman had had it with the British medium's coverage. Ted Kravitz had spoken negatively about the Red Bull driver's world title and for the world champion this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Red Bull backed Verstappen and no one from the Austrian team joined Sky on camera as a result.

Red Bull and Sky Sports

Christian Horner already announced that the boycott had been lifted again from the Brazilian GP, but the two sides also found a moment to get together. Billy McGinty, the managing director of Sky Sports F1, will visit the Red Bull factory, according to The Daily Mail, after McGinty and Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht had already spoken to Red Bull's management. A line has reportedly already been drawn on the whole discussion.

The boycott also came up at the Launch Party in Las Vegas. Indeed, Sergio Perez was present there and George Russell could not resist asking David Croft if he had permission to interview Perez. Perez was indeed allowed to be interviewed as normal, and so everything seems to be back to square one (for now).