Two killed at Condroz rally, car lands in the crowd

Two killed at Condroz rally, car lands in the crowd

06-11-2022 18:04 Last update: 19:03

Two people were killed at the Condroz Rally in Belgium on Sunday after a car went off the track. Two other people were taken to hospital with injuries. One of the participants in the rally was Jos Verstappen, father of F1 world champion Max Verstappen.

The car was driven by Belgian drivers Emeric Rary and Fabrice Henry. The car veered off the road on a straight stretch, giving it a lot of speed. The car collided with a number of spectators standing beside the road, including the two fatalities. Several other spectators were injured, as were both the drivers. None of the injured are in life-threatening condition.

Cause still unclear

How the car was able to go off the track is still unknown. The organisers reported that the car hit a wall, causing the driver to lose control. Another driver who took part in the rally claimed it was because the road was too slippery due to the rain. According to the organisers, the spectators were standing in a place where no spectators were allowed. The exact circumstances of the accident are still under further investigation by the Belgian police.

This is the fourth time in 20 years that people have lost their lives at the Condroz Rally. Because of the tragedy, the prize-giving ceremony was cancelled. Jos Verstappen had still driven and eventually came sixth.