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Vettel firmly slams Formula 1: 'Embarrassing'

Vettel firmly slams Formula 1: 'Embarrassing'

06-11-2022 10:45 Last update: 13:30


Sebastian Vettel finds it incomprehensible that Formula 1 is taking so long to work on sustainability. The German believes the organisation is waiting too long to take steps and therefore hopes for change in the future, he told Der Spiegel.

The motorsport class is revamping the engine regulations in the 2026 season. These new rules should ensure that Formula 1 becomes more sustainable and therefore moves with the times. Although Vettel supports the plans, he actually thinks it is too little and too late.

"I think 2026 is too late to see it as pioneering. Synthetic fuels already exist, so why wait another four years?" he argues. "Formula 1 is far too busy with the now and looks far too little at the possibilities of the future. It is busy expanding instead of being a pacesetter for tomorrow's mobility with foresight."

Vettel critical of the organisation

Therefore, in the interview, Vettel decides to give Formula 1 a slap on the wrist. The veteran driver, who is retiring from the sport after this season, finds it unjustifiable that it takes several years to address the problems.

"I find it a bit embarrassing. E10 has been available at the petrol station for more than a decade. I see synthetic fuels more as a bridging technology because producing them requires a lot of renewable energy. This energy can be better used for heating and hot water."