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Verstappen sees himself developing: 'You grow every year'

Verstappen sees himself developing: 'You grow every year'

06-11-2022 09:51 Last update: 10:54


Max Verstappen is looking at the current season with a satisfying feeling. The Dutchman managed to add his second world title and took the constructors' championship with Red Bull Racing, marking another step in his career. In conversation with Formula1.com he says he can still see improvements.

From his early days with the Austrian formation, Verstappen developed at lightning speed. However, the driver found himself in an unfamiliar situation last season as he battled with Lewis Hamilton for the world title. According to Verstappen, he has made some great strides since then.

"You grow as a person every year, you learn a lot from every single year what has happened at every single race," Verstappen stated. "You try to improve as a driver. I don’t think you improve in terms of raw speed, but because of the experiences you have had in the past, you try to put that into play. In some tricky situations, sometimes that can help you out."

Verstappen does not focus on statistics

This season's statistics highlight Verstappen's current form. Indeed, the Red Bull driver is the first driver ever to manage to take no less than 14 victories in a single season. The old record was still held by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Although Verstappen is proud of his achievements, he does not think statistics are important. "Numbers have never been important, I just really enjoy the moment," he says. "With all the people we have now, I believe we can be strong for a couple of years."