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Mercedes closing in on Red Bull: 'Is about a few tenths'

Mercedes closing in on Red Bull: 'Is about a few tenths'

03-11-2022 11:06

James Vowles argues that Mercedes is getting closer and closer to Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. Red Bull still has a lead, but it would no longer be so large.

Mercedes started the 2022 Formula 1 season with difficulty. The W13 suffered a lot of porpoising and the German team spent a long time fixing those problems. Red Bull and Ferrari, meanwhile, were running away with victories, and Red Bull already has both world titles with two races to go.

Mercedes slowly coming back

Mercedes, meanwhile, is in better shape and even finished second and third in qualifying for the Mexico GP. This was partly due to the new front wing brought in for this race weekend. Somewhat modified, though, after the FIA deemed the first version of the new wing not to be according to the rules.

"Yes (we used the new front wing) on Friday in a modified form. It was performing and remained on the car for the weekend," Vowles informed in the Debrief of Mercedes. How competitive Mercedes is will vary, according to Vowles.

Pressure on Ferrari

"That will vary from track to track. Ferrari won't be that far and away from us as they were in Mexico. They will be closer in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Red Bull still hold the edge. I don't think it will be the three-tenths they out-qualified us by, but it will be a few-tenths in the coming races. We are getting closer and closer."

Mercedes hopes to have another shot at their first win this season in the last two races and also the second place among constructors. The gap between Ferrari and Mercedes is only 40 points and with the sprint race in Brazil, there are more points to share than usual.