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Verstappen impresses: 'He stays within the limit more these days'

Verstappen impresses: 'He stays within the limit more these days'

01-11-2022 12:21 Last update: 15:00


Romain Grosjean is impressed with Max Verstappen. The former Formula 1 driver thinks the Dutchman is staying a lot more within the limit these days. In the past, Verstappen was often seen as a somewhat aggressive driver, but with two world titles under his belt, that is no longer the case.

In the Any Driven Monday programme on Sky Sports, Grosjean talks about Verstappen's development. The Frenchman thinks winning the world championship has calmed the Red Bull Racing driver down.

"Since he’s world champion, he’s kind of more… I can’t find the exact word. He’s got more at peace. He just drives the way he drives, which is a very engaged way of driving. I love and admire it. He just stays a little bit more within the limit than he would have done in the past", Grosjean begins.

'Verstappen has been extraordinary in F1'

The IndyCar driver himself also battled with Verstappen on track in his Toro Rosso days, although it was not for very long. The Dutchman soon left for Red Bull's top team. "Since he’s arrived, he has been quite extraordinary, he’s always been super fast. Realistically, we only kind of fought together in 2015 and the first few races of 2016. Then he jumped in the Red Bull. With the Haas, we didn’t have a chance to fight the Red Bull. We had some good battles, but Max has been very impressive in F1. That first world championship, and now the second even more, just settled him nicely", Grosjean ends.

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