Alonso prefers to look ahead after horrible weekend in France

27-06-2018 18:00
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Alonso prefers to look ahead after horrible weekend in France

After another horrific weekend during the French Grand Prix in which no points were scored once more, McLaren have collectively agreed to just look ahead and forget about what happened at Paul Ricard. 

Both McLaren couldn't even make it out of Q1 on Saturday, which indicates how much the team really is. For comparison, three of the four other Renault-powered cars all made it into the top-seven of qualifying. McLaren always blamed Honda for their lack of performance, but it's become painfully clear that the Japanese weren't the only problem. Something needs to change.

"After the disappointing weekend in France, it is best to continue right away, so it is good that we will race two more races this weekend and the following one," Fernando Alonso admitted to SpeedWeek.

He does, however, like the track of the next race, the Red Bull Ring.

"I like the track, it's a good mix of new and old.

"The high mountains, the slope, the paddock - all this reminds us that this course is one of the classics of the calendar.

The history being good is cool and all, but what about the circuit itself? Is it any good?

"The track itself is great," the Spaniard continued.

"It's a track where you have to attack all the time to get a good lap in.

"Ans even if there only are five real corners, it can still get you cold quickly if you want too much."

Last weekend was a real reality check for Alonso. He was fresh off of winning Le Mans the weekend before, but got brought back down by another disappointing race in his McLaren. He got angry on the team radio, complaining that he had no tyres and no brakes among other things. It looks like we might be witnessing the last year of Fernando Alonso in the F1.

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