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Controversy surrounding Verstappen's title: 'Has nothing to do with Max'

Controversy surrounding Verstappen's title: 'Has nothing to do with Max'

17-10-2022 10:55 Last update: 11:53

Emerson Fittipaldi thinks it is only right that Max Verstappen has secured his second world title. The Brazilian, who himself won two world titles in Formula 1, thinks what the Dutchman has achieved is clever.

On par with Fittipaldi

After Verstappen won his first world title in the last race of the season in 2021, he won his second world title in 2022 four races before the end of the season. With two world titles, he joins the likes of Alberto Ascari, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso and Fittipaldi himself.

''Winning the second World Championship, for the driver, is satisfying and it is a confirmation of talent, of dedication. I'm sure Max must be extremely happy. Winning two years in a row, is very special. Very, very special,'' said the 1972 and 1974 world champion at VegasInsider.

Whereas Verstappen's first world title was one with much controversy surrounding the final race, in 2022 there is no doubt at all as to who is most deserving of the title. Yet Fittipaldi thinks it is unfair that there is doubt about that first title of Verstappen.

Verstappen the deserved world champion

''(That had) Absolutely nothing to do with Max. In my opinion, he really deserved it last year and he really deserved it this year. He won most of the races in the last championship and this year he was fantastic on his way to the championship. What happened in Abu Dhabi had nothing to do with Max's talent and he deserved to be world champion. And this year is exactly the same.''

According to Fittipaldi, Verstappen handled the pressure well as reigning world champion. With the starting number #1 on the car, there are even more eyes on you, but the Red Bull Racing driver seemed unimpressed by that. ''He showed that he is a world champion,'' the Brazilian concluded.

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