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Hamilton answers whether Verstappen is one of his reasons to stay in F1

Hamilton answers whether Verstappen is one of his reasons to stay in F1

07-10-2022 20:19 Last update: 20:50


Lewis Hamilton recently addressed questions about his future after Toto Wolff claimed that the driver has "at least five years left in him". The Mercedes driver also answered whether Max Verstappen plays a role in his motivation to stay.

Hamilton is not done with Formula 1 yet, although he could not confirm Wolff's claims. According to the Mercedes team boss, Hamilton said he could continue for another five years, but the Briton cannot recall that specific statement. Still, he does not deny that such an extension is a possibility and there are plenty of factors keeping him in the top class of motorsport for the time being.

Verstappen a factor in Hamilton's future?

Asked if part of his motivation to stay stems from a desire to battle Verstappen, Hamilton replied according to Crash.net: "Less than you’d think. I think it’s more just where I am in life."

Hamilton says he has "great things" to get involved in, both inside and outside the sport. The 37-year-old Briton is sure he wants to stay, but he does not yet know for how long. "If I’m still fit and able to focus, why would I stop? And I can still do the other things that I want to do at the same time as well," said Hamilton, who still has a contract with Mercedes until 2023.

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