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Hamilton hears Red Bull rumours: 'They kept coming up with updates'

Hamilton hears Red Bull rumours: 'They kept coming up with updates'

06-10-2022 06:24 Last update: 07:53


Lewis Hamilton has spoken out in Japan about the rumours surrounding exceeding the budget cap. According to the Briton, his car would have been a lot more competitive in 2021 if his team had also spent more money.

The FIA has still not completed its investigation into the 2021 budget cap. Wednesday was D-Day for the FIA, but it decided to postpone the issue until Monday. So for now, teams and drivers are still in the dark and suspicions continue to haunt Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. Hamilton hopes the rumours about Red Bull are not true.

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Indeed, according to Hamilton, it would be very unfair for Red Bull to get away with having spent more money in 2021. The seven-time world champion believes this has a big impact on a championship.

''It's not something I haven't been thinking about 2021. I haven't heard enough about it just whispers. Then we had an upgrade in Silverstone and we could live with them Red Bull but then they brought upgrades and upgrades,'' the Mercedes driver said at the press conference.

''if we brought a new floor at 300,000 then more upgrades we could have been faster. Transparency is important. Accountability is something we always have to hold true to. We've seen things in the past being dealt with in the background but that isn't the case with Mohammad (Ben Sulayem, president of the FIA) and the new F1 bosses,'' Hamilton concludes hopefully.