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FIA won't clarify possible Red Bull penalty until Monday

FIA won't clarify possible Red Bull penalty until Monday

05-10-2022 16:08 Last update: 22:42

The FIA is yet to decide whether Red Bull Racing has breached the 2021 financial regulations. The much-discussed investigation has not yet brought the conclusions the governing body was looking for and the matter will therefore be looked into further.

In a press release today, the FIA announced that the investigation into the possible budget cap violations will not be completed today. The governing body said that the analysis of all financial documents is a lengthy and complex process, which requires thorough attention. The organisation said it will announce the certificates and their verdict next Monday, 10 October. 

Still no clarity on Red Bull

Recently, rumours focused mainly on Red Bull and Aston Martin. Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto gratefully seised the opportunity to cast doubt on the legality of the Red Bull car. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has threatened legal consequences for teams making accusations against Red Bull without proof.

The FIA reiterated in the press release that while the investigation is ongoing they will not provide any information on the content of the investigation. They dismiss further speculation and rumours as unsubstantiated.