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Binotto on budget rules: 'Has serious implications for this season

Binotto on budget rules: 'Has serious implications for this season

4 October - 11:35 Last update: 12:09


Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto hopes there will be strict scrutiny over last year's possible breach of the budget cap, Sky Sports reports. According to the Italian, such a breach has serious implications for the current season, and the sport as a whole.

Last week, rumours surfaced that two teams had exceeded the budget ceiling last year. Red Bull and Aston Martin were rumoured to be these two teams. It is expected to be announced on Wednesday whether any teams have indeed failed to comply with the rules, which teams they are, and what the possible consequences are. So while nothing has been officially confirmed yet, that has not stopped other team bosses from passing judgement on the situation.

Speaking to the Italian wing of Sky Sports, Binotto indicated that he believes the credibility of the sport is at stake. "It is unfortunate that we are talking about this in October next season because, besides the implications for the past season, it also has implications for the current one. The advantage gained counts through, because it may have started in 2021, but it still gives an advantage in 2022 and even in 2023, so this is obviously an important matter."

Take it seriously, no matter how serious the offence

Part of the discussion is about exactly what offence has been committed. If the breach was less than 5 percent of the budget, it counts as a minor offence, but according to Binotto, that too should still be taken seriously.

"Even if it is four million, which therefore counts as a minor offence, that is not little. Four million for us is an improvement of half a second per lap, and that is not nothing. I hope this is looked at properly, otherwise it is a very big problem. This puts the credibility of the sport on the line."

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