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'You're not used to Verstappen making so many mistakes at all'

'You're not used to Verstappen making so many mistakes at all'

4 October - 07:00 Last update: 08:32

Timo Glock marvelled at the fact that Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing could be caught wrong in Singapore. That is a fact we are not used to in 2022.

On Saturday, Red Bull went wrong by settling for the Dutchman's petrol. This forced Verstappen to abort his final lap in qualifying and he started the race eighth. Verstappen then started the race on Sunday in the wrong engine position, giving him a lousy start. Later in the race, Max went wrong again with his failed overtaking move on Lando Norris.

Mistakes made by Verstappen

''Max Verstappen made an unusually large number of mistakes, because you're used to Red Bull and he not making any other mistakes either. With his mistakes, Verstappen has certainly not yet thought about a possible title win because he knew that he would have a hard time winning the title from eighth place on the grid. He didn't have the title in mind in Singapore either, he just wanted to win or at least make the most of his opportunities. That's why he attacked Lando Norris like that,'' said Glock in his column for Sky Germany.

According to the former F1 driver, however, Verstappen fans need not worry: that title will come. In Japan, Verstappen is much more likely to win the title and for the frenzied Japanese fans it would also be very special to win it there. So count on Verstappen to be focused at Suzuka.

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