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Aston Martin responds to possible breach of budget cap

Aston Martin responds to possible breach of budget cap

3 October - 15:24 Last update: 18:51


Aston Martin has been spooked by the rumours about the team that surfaced around the Singapore Grand Prix. The British formation reportedly exceeded its budget ceiling last season, which would have resulted in it receiving a penalty from the FIA. However, Mike Krack knows nothing about it, he told Motorsport.com.

According to the Aston Martin team boss, a meeting with the FIA did indeed take place, during which both sides exchanged the necessary information. The organisation would then come back with a conclusion, but Krack has still not heard it.

The team boss was therefore surprised to hear in the media last week that Aston Martin had committed a procedural error and therefore risked a hefty fine. The offence, though, would be less serious than Red Bull Racing, which may be handed a heavier penalty.

Aston Martin remains calm under rumours

Krack stresses that Aston Martin has several questions about the interpretation of the regulations, so for now it remains to be seen what the answer from the FIA will be. However, the team's leader is convinced that the team is fine and therefore a fine would not be justified.

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