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Perez expects no punishment after conversation with stewards in Singapore

Perez expects no punishment after conversation with stewards in Singapore

2 October - 18:05 Last update: 18:08

Sergio Perez was awarded the trophy for winning the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday night, but it is still uncertain whether he will get to keep it. This is because the stewards have yet to decide whether the Mexican driver will receive a time penalty for not staying within 10 car lengths of the safety car. Perez himself is confident of a good outcome.

After Perez had given explanations to the stewards, he appeared in the press conference. Naturally, the journalists present immediately wanted to know from the 32-year-old driver how that conversation had gone. Perez does not think he is going to get a time penalty of more than 10 seconds.

Perez addresses conversation with stewards

"I'm really confident there is nothing to it. There was a miscommunication with Bernd [Mäylander, driver of the safety car]. I think in the places where I could keep up with him he was super slow and in the places where I couldn't keep up with him, he was fast. There was a bit of miscommunication there," Perez said.

According to the current number three in the world championship, it speaks in his favour that it was hugely difficult on the street circuit in Singapore. "These conditions are not normal, so completely understandable. Especially in the last sector, it was super tricky. I wouldn't expect any further action there. They were pleased with my explanation and they understood it, he concludes.

Ferrari and Red Bull disagree

Helmut Marko thinks Perez will get a maximum five-second time penalty, but at Ferrari they seem convinced that a 10-second penalty is the best and most logical choice. In the latter case, Perez loses his first place, a five-second penalty would not hurt him.

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