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Verstappen realistic: 'Couldn't have been more than that fourth place'

Verstappen realistic: 'Couldn't have been more than that fourth place'

2 October - 16:57 Last update: 16:59


Max Verstappen seemed to be on his way to a good result in the Singapore Grand Prix. A podium even seemed possible for a while after the safety car caused by Yuki Tsunoda, but in the end the Red Bull Racing driver took a little too much heat, causing him to shoot straight on and start all over again. Verstappen talks about his Sunday at Viaplay after the race.

For Verstappen, it means postponing his championship party. He could have secured himself his second world title in Singapore, but it did not come to that. The Japan Grand Prix is the next opportunity for the Dutchman.

"Of course it was already a bad start," Verstappen stated in conversation with Viaplay. "After that I tried to overtake a few cars, but that was just very difficult. On this circuit, it's just super difficult overtaking." Moreover, in the middle of the race he shot his car straight through in a corner. "It's obviously not what you want, but there wouldn't have been more than that fourth place anyway."

Verstappen wants to look ahead towards Japan

According to the Dutchman, a major cause lay in his qualifying. "It starts yesterday, of course, because that puts you in the middle of the pack. If you then also have a bad start then everything seems to go against you. It's better to forget this race and move on to Japan."

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