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Hamilton has to report to stewards, possibly because of jewellery rule

Hamilton has to report to stewards, possibly because of jewellery rule

1 October - 13:19 Last update: 14:55


Lewis Hamilton must report to the stewards after the third free practice session for the Singapore Grand Prix. The Brit may have breached the FIA's International Sporting Code.

Hamilton has to head towards the stewards just before qualifying as the Briton is said to have breached Appendix L of the FIA International Sporting Code. This includes offences relating to drivers' clothing and equipment, including wearing jewellery.

Earlier this season, Hamilton had to remove some jewellery when the FIA introduced a ban on wearing jewellery. The rule has actually been present in the sport for years, but since this year the FIA has been checking more strictly whether drivers wear jewellery in the cockpit. Hamilton was hit particularly hard by the rule, as the Brit wears the most jewellery and piercings of all drivers.

Hamilton wears nose ring

In the Sky Sports broadcast, it is said that it might be Hamilton's nose ring, which could be seen under the seven-time World Champion's helmet in the third free practice session. Officially, it is no longer allowed to wear that piercing in the Formula 1 car. Hamilton has been driving without a nose piercing since the Silverstone Grand Prix, but seems to have forgotten to take off the jewel in Singapore.

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