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'Verstappen can identify a problem in one or two sentences'

'Verstappen can identify a problem in one or two sentences'

01-10-2022 08:57 Last update: 11:12


Within his own team, Max Verstappen continues to positively amaze. Technical director Pierre Waché revealed how the Dutchman's car has changed in 2022 and how Verstappen contributes to it.

Red Bull continues to improve

Red Bull Racing has not been idle in 2022. The Austrian formation started the season with a false start, when Ferrari seemed the clear-cut favourite. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Verstappen has since become almost unbeatable in the Drivers' Championship and it must also be very strange should Red Bull fail to win the constructors' title.

Waché explained in an interview with De Telegraaf that Red Bull understands the car much better than they did in the opening rounds of 2022. The car has also lost quite a bit of weight. "I think we have lost about fourteen kilos since the start of the year," Waché revealed.

Feedback from Verstappen

Verstappen has always been a great help when it comes to understanding the RB18. "Max is very clear in his feedback. He is able to pinpoint a problem in one or two sentences. That helps us engineers a lot." The Frenchman continued by saying that Verstappen has a lot of technical knowledge, something far from all drivers have.

Verstappen has changed since his early years in Formula 1, Waché has also seen this. "Max is mature and that makes him even better," he said. For example, the Limburger knows that when he cannot win, he does not have to push and can still maximise points.