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'Verstappen won't get lighter floor: Red Bul delays update until 2023'

'Verstappen won't get lighter floor: Red Bul delays update until 2023'

30-09-2022 08:46 Last update: 09:21


Red Bull Racing is refraining from starting in Singapore with a lighter chassis. According to De Telegraaf Red Bull would no longer consider it necessary to bring this update in 2022, but competitors think otherwise.

Red Bull has developed a chassis for the RB18 that would be a lot lighter than the current variant. Red Bull has long known that the car is too heavy and with a new chassis, the car would be about four kilos lighter. A lighter car naturally means a faster car, but Red Bull is delaying the update.

Pressure on Red Bull

Although the update is ready to go, Red Bull would not want to introduce the chassis until 2023 because it is not needed given the championship standings. Max Verstappen 's world title is already all but certain and Red Bull itself seems to be on its way to its first constructors' title since 2013. Yet other noises are also going up in the paddock.

Red Bull itself claims that the brand new chassis fits neatly within the budget cap, but the competition thinks otherwise. According to Auto, Motor und Sport the FIA will additionally announce next week that Red Bull has exceeded the budget cap in 2021. Competing teams suspect that this will also be the case in 2022. So it could also be that the chassis will not be brought into 2022 for that reason, as the team is already under a magnifying glass.