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Hamilton balks at early world title for Verstappen

Hamilton balks at early world title for Verstappen

29-09-2022 14:05 Last update: 14:22


Lewis Hamilton regrets that the battle for the world title seems to be decided early on. As such, Max Verstappen could potentially finish it off this coming weekend. If not, he looks set to do so in the remaining five Grands Prix.

"For the sport, the best thing is when a title fight lasts until the end," Hamilton assessed during the press conference to, among others Formule1.nl. "I remember Brazil 2008 well and also Abu Dhabi last year was a hell of a battle. It is to be hoped that there will be another exciting battle in the coming years."

It is a striking statement from Hamilton, as for years he also secured the world title early in the season. The British driver, therefore, stressed that he can well imagine that Verstappen will be happy with the current state of affairs, but that it is unfortunate for the public.

Hamilton focuses on new year

Whereas in theory, it is still possible for George Russell, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez to end the world championship winningly, this has now become impossible for Hamilton. The seven-time world champion sees his team making great strides and therefore hopes to start strong next season.