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Verstappen clarifies: 'We were joking about that before the race'

Verstappen clarifies: 'We were joking about that before the race'

29-09-2022 13:16 Last update: 14:17


Max Verstappen can win the world championship as early as this coming weekend. To do so, however, the Dutchman not only has to win, but Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc have to finish no further than fourth and ninth position respectively. For Verstappen, it is clear that he wants to focus solely on his own performance.

The Red Bull Racing driver has never won at the Singapore circuit, but that could change this weekend. The past five races have all gone to Verstappen and he knows no stopping for now.

"We just try to have a good weekend. To win it here would be nice but not something I am thinking about," Verstappen told Sky Sports and others during the press conference. "For me, it doesn't feel a lot different to last year. As a team we have been strong after the retirements we had at the beginning of the year that we had to get on top of. Most of our races we have maximised and done a good job. But we always look into things we can do better."

Verstappen keeps same chassis

Verstappen additionally addressed a possible new chassis, which does not seem to be coming. "We made a deal if we won in Monza we keep the same chassis. I was like shall I lift and finish second or should I actually win the race. We were joking about that before the race, but I won it so I keep it."

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