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Hamilton thinks bumping will be biggest obstacle in Singapore

Hamilton thinks bumping will be biggest obstacle in Singapore

29 September - 12:31 Last update: 14:12


At the press conference ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton told Sky Sports that his success on the track will depend on how well the car can handle the bumps. Singapore's circuit is relatively very bumpy, and that could still make things quite difficult for the Mercedes.

In 2018, Hamilton set the track record in Singapore, a record that remains intact to this day. According to Hamilton, his success that day came mainly from how good the car was on the track. In his own words, this weekend they have the chance to test that theory, as the track is quite different from previous years.

Whether Hamilton will manage to produce such a performance again this weekend remains to be seen. Mercedes is having a significantly weaker season than previous years, and its first victory is still some way off.

Singapore is a very bumpy circuit

The seven-time world champion says the main obstacle will be the bumpiness of the track. Mercedes has suffered from porpoising problems many times this season, and it is expected to be worse at Singapore. Still, Hamilton does not want to get ahead of himself.

"We know the track is bumpy, maybe the car will be fine, maybe not. I have no expectations, I just hope to have the best weekend with what we have in front of us."

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