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Mercedes must hope for miracle: 'Not happened very often'

Mercedes must hope for miracle: 'Not happened very often'

28 September - 07:51 Last update: 09:11


Mercedes are having a disappointing season in Formula 1. The British driver pairing failed to keep up with Red Bull Racing, while Ferrari are also ahead. This season it still hopes to secure a Grand Prix victory, but it remains to be seen how realistic that is.

Mark Hughes writes in an analysis on Sky Sports that not only do Ferrari and Red Bull have a wide lead in terms of points, but the teams are also showing that they can perform at any circuit. That immediately makes Mercedes' task for a win much more complicated.

Mercedes will struggle against Red Bull and Ferrari

The Formula 1 journalist, therefore, believes that George Russell and Lewis Hamilton must hope for a drama weekend from both teams or severe weather conditions. Indeed, should this not happen, he believes they will be far too strong for Mercedes. However, Hughes does not expect this to happen anytime soon and thinks Mercedes would be better off focusing on next calendar year.

"All they can do is concentrate on maximising their own performance at each event. Stranger things have happened. But not very often," Hughes said. The Formula One drivers have only the Singapore, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi GPs remaining on the programme.

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