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Formula 2 addresses doubts over current policy

Formula 2 addresses doubts over current policy

27 September - 20:15 Last update: 27 September - 20:15


Formula 2 and Formula 3 will partially switch to renewable fuel next season. By 2023, the percentage should already be 55 per cent, after which it will be built up further until 2027. Speaking to Motorsport.comFormula 2 CEO Bruno Michel stressed that this has little to do with Formula 1's policy, however.

In fact, Formula 1 chooses not to switch to sustainable fuel until 2026, so the two racing classes below it dare to make the move earlier. There were therefore rumours in the corridors that they had to test this for Formula 1, but Michel stresses that there is no question of this.

According to Michel, Formula 2 is part of the broad picture, which means that it should also contribute to a sustainable future. At the same time, however, he is convinced that the racing class itself will also benefit from focusing on future solutions.

Michel finds doubts about reliability unjustified

Whereas earlier doubts were raised about the reliability of the fuel, Michel dismisses the criticism. He believes the concept of the cars for next season are excellent and therefore are not going to cause any major reliability problems. Michel is therefore proud of the result.

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