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Norris: 'Verstappen will win some titles in the future'

Norris: 'Verstappen will win some titles in the future'

26 September - 19:25 Last update: 19:30


Lando Norris is amazed by Max Verstappen 's performance on the track. Although the Brit jokes about a relatively easy season for the Dutchman, the Brit has particularly high praise for the exceptional Verstappen.

Norris and Verstappen are good friends off the track and do not have much to do with each other on the track. The reigning world champion is invariably at the forefront with his Red Bull Racing RB18 and has won the past five Grands Prix, while Norris in his McLaren has to fight hard for seventh place as 'best of the rest'. In conversation with Sky Sports Norris evaluates Verstappen's season.

Norris expects more titles for Verstappen

"He has it easy," the McLaren driver began jokingly. "His season has been easy. He should maybe have a go back in our car and see what that's like." Norris continued in a more serious tone: "He has done amazing; of course. Similar to Lewis Hamilton in previous years. If you have a car that can deliver and can win races, he is the one who takes that chance every time. He is beating his teammate every time. It's impressive to see him perform day in, day out."

What Norris finds most remarkable is the Dutchman's free practice sessions: "Even in FP1, the first lap of the whole day, his lap times normally are quicker than we can ever do in qualifying something. He is the most talented driver ever. One of the fastest. No doubt he is going to win his second this year and most likely he will go on and win more in the future."

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