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Audi congratulates Red Bull: 'They already have an engine on the dyno'

Audi congratulates Red Bull: 'They already have an engine on the dyno'

26 September - 12:48 Last update: 15:14


Audi was hoping to introduce the Quattro name to Formula 1, but four-wheel-drive cars will not enter Formula 1 for the time being. Despite the cars remaining "just" rear-wheel-drive from 2026, Audi did see many requirements granted. Audi also congratulates Red Bull Racing on setting up its own engine project.

No Quattro, no MGU-H

When Audi announced its interest in entering Formula 1, the switch from rear-wheel-drive cars to all-wheel-drive was immediately under discussion. However, the Quattro name will not come with Audi into F1, as Formula 1 will continue to rely on only a rear-wheel-drive axle.

"We have achieved a lot of what we wanted. That was a basic requirement, because otherwise we would not have come on board," Stefan Dreyer, technical director of Audi Sport, said in conversation with Motorsport-Magazin.com. The MGU-H will disappear from Formula 1 in its entirety, which is good news for Audi. The MGU-H was one of the most complex parts to build on an F1 car.

Dreyer compliments Red Bull, which will produce its own engines in Formula 1 from 2026. The first V6 Red Bull engine was on the dyno recently. "You can only speculate [what exactly Red Bull had on the dyno], the fact is: you can only congratulate them for already having an engine running on the dyno. You have to tell it like it is. Now it's our turn." When Audi plans to run the first F1 engine on the dyno, Dreyer does not reveal.

Collaboration with Sauber?

Audi has indicated it will enter Formula 1, but not yet which team it will partner with. For now, everything seems to indicate that it will be Sauber, which currently goes by the name of Alfa Romeo. That team will make a special announcement on Tuesday 27 September, which may be about its partnership with Audi.

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