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Russell learns best from Hamilton: 'Opportunity given'

Russell learns best from Hamilton: 'Opportunity given'

25-09-2022 09:42 Last update: 09:56


George Russell can count on a lot of compliments this season. The Briton is only in his first season with Mercedes, but already manages to score more points in it than seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Despite this, he does not yet feel he has learned his lesson.

According to Russell, it was a special moment to start the season with Hamilton at Mercedes. The experienced driver gets a lot of respect in Formula 1 and Russell thinks that is a justified thing, as he experienced plenty of how much he can learn from his teammate this calendar year.

Next season, both drivers will once again drive together in the same team and Russell hopes to take the next step. "I feel so fortunate being team-mates with Lewis because it has given me such an opportunity to see his strengths and where I can learn from him," he told Formula1news.co.uk.

Russell focuses on performance

Russell finds it difficult to state when the moment is when he is past Hamilton's qualities. This is because, according to the Mercedes driver, there are many other things that come into play than just on-track performance. Together with Hamilton, he hopes to compete for prizes next season.

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