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Chadwick counters Domenicali: 'In five years in F1'

Chadwick counters Domenicali: 'In five years in F1'

23 September - 07:18 Last update: 11:01


Jamie Chadwick is not touched by Stefano Domenicali's statements. According to F1's CEO, a woman in the king class of motorsport is not realistic for the time being, but Chadwick himself thinks otherwise.

A meteorite would sooner land than a woman would be active in F1 anytime soon, according to Domenicali. The Formula 1 big boss said so earlier this season, and that must have been a major blow to ambitious female drivers like Chadwick. The British already won the W Series three times, but a step up seems difficult to achieve.

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Speaking to The Guardian the 24-year-old driver says she does not care that much that Domenicali has said this. ''It is motivation if nothing else,'' says the Williams development driver. Indeed, she still has her sights set on a Formula One debut, despite this statement.

''My goal is definitely to try and make it in five years. There is a lot I need to achieve in that time but my goal is to try and go through the correct feeder series and have success to be in F1 within five years.''

Chadwick is trying to make the switch to the IndyLight championship, the step-up class for the IndyCar championship, before 2023. There, everything is just a bit more physical and she hopes to take the next step as a driver again. She already did a test for Andretti at Sebring in Florida, but a permanent seat for next season has not yet been confirmed.

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