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Mercedes often provides surprise: 'I'm always surprised'

Mercedes often provides surprise: 'I'm always surprised'

16 September - 17:51 Last update: 21:11


Ferrari thought at the start of the season that they would be fighting for the world title, but Max Verstappen seems to be well on his way to clinching it in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the Italian formation has to watch out for Mercedes, Sainz said.

Indeed, after a couple of difficult races during the start of the racing year, Mercedes got the hang of it. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been on the podium many times in recent months, helping Mercedes close the gap in the constructors' championship.

Sainz puts Ferrari on edge

While Ferrari are on 406 points six Grands Prix before the end, Mercedes has 35 points less for now. Mattia Binotto's team will therefore have to work hard to keep the rival behind and bring in the extra millions needed. Speaking to Formula1.comSainz says Ferrari could still have a tough time.

"Worried is not the right word. I think we know they're going to be there pretty much in every Sunday," the Spaniard stated about Mercedes. "I'm always surprised how in qualifying they can be maybe one second off sometimes and suddenly come race day your engineer comes on the radio, and they tell you the lap times of Lewis and George and it's like sometimes they are even quicker."

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