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A clear message for Porsche: 'They were getting ahead of themselves'

A clear message for Porsche: 'They were getting ahead of themselves'

16-09-2022 08:02 Last update: 08:49


Christian Horner believes that Porsche got a bit ahead of itself and that there was never a deal between the two parties. The Red Bull Racing team boss reveals this in conversation with Sky Sports.

In Italy, it became clear that Porsche and Red Bull will not work together from 2026. For a long time, that seemed to be the case and so there would have been as if there was a verbal agreement. However, that now appears not to be the case. That information, according to Horner, was brought out by the other party without it being the case.

No deal with Porsche

In Monza, Horner informed Sky Sports that 'Porsche was somewhat ahead of the game' and that no binding document had yet been signed. ''Obviously as we've been on this journey there's been some discussion with Porsche along the way - a phenomenal company, great brand. But it was felt that the fit just isn't quite right for where we're going and the journey we're on,'' said the Briton.

The deal allegedly did not take shape mainly because Porsche wanted 50 per cent of the shares within Red Bull, and the Austrians did not want to go for it. Red Bull need not worry, however, because with its own engine factory in Milton Keynes, it can develop its own engine from 2026. Therefore, a partner is not necessarily needed for that. According to Horner, should a suitable partner present itself, it can always be considered whether that party can add value to the project.

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