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Red Bull focuses on Perez: 'To give a car to be performing'

Red Bull focuses on Perez: 'To give a car to be performing'

15 September - 14:44 Last update: 15:06


Max Verstappen struggled to perform with the RB18 at the start of the season, while Sergio Perez had an excellent start in his second year at Red Bull Racing. Behind the scenes, the team worked hard on solutions for the world championship leader, moving the car more and more towards Verstappen's wishes. This came at the expense of Perez's results, Pierre Waché admitted to The Race.

Red Bull's technical director looks with pride at Verstappen's current form. Whereas Ferrari still had a better car than its rival in the first few race weekends, this slowly tilted towards Christian Horner's team.

Verstappen, too, is now very happy with his car. "It went in the favour of Max," Waché stated in the interview. "I think he’s able to drive any car. Now we have to find a way to give a car for Sergio to be performing and to compete."

Perez puts wish to team

What is clear is that Verstappen likes a car that generally has a bit more oversteer. Over the course of the year, the car has started to respond more and more the way the Dutchman wants it to, improving his performance. Perez, on the other hand, wants to feel more understeer in his RB18, which is what the Mexican is hoping for soon. According to Waché, the team is working hard to help Perez.

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