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Leclerc unhappy with own fans: 'This is no fun for anyone'

Leclerc unhappy with own fans: 'This is no fun for anyone'

12-09-2022 07:55


Charles Leclerc defends Max Verstappen against the Tifosi. The Monegasque is not happy with the booing from 'his fans' towards the reigning world champion and is also bothered by all the flares.

The Grand Prix weekend in Monza was no picnic for Verstappen. The Dutchman was booed by the fans all weekend and footage showed that his mother was also negatively called out in one of the chants. The drivers are unanimous in their disapproval and hope it will soon disappear from the sport.

Support for Verstappen

''I think nobody likes booing and I think it shouldn't happen. That's it," Leclerc said on the FIA press conference. ''But then for the flares, personally I think it's okay when it's used maybe before the formation lap or laps to the grid or something. But then sometimes during the race, it can be a bit confusing for us. But it's the way it is."

Verstappen also revealed that he had not had a great weekend in Monza. He was the target of all the boos this weekend, but with victory he gave the right reaction to the public. Verstappen himself said that the win was his only goal and that he would not worry about anything else.