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Hamilton thinks win was possible: 'Will have Red Bull breathing down his neck'

Hamilton thinks win was possible: 'Will have Red Bull breathing down his neck'

4 September - 17:10


Lewis Hamilton sounded furious on the board radio after the Dutch Grand Prix. Mercedes chose not to pit the Briton for a new set of tyres in the closing stages of the race, causing Hamilton to be overtaken left and right by his rivals. The seven-time world champion apologised for the outburst.

" I think we did [have the car to win today]. Given the circumstances the things lost with the VSCs and SC's, I think the car and strategies had been so good up until that point and the stops. It was the best we had all year. The guys were all on it." Hamilton began, speaking to Sky Sports.

Mercedes wanted to go for the one-stop, but a late VSC and safety car meant the team had to change strategy. George Russell did come in for a third pit stop to change to new tyres, but Hamilton held his position and had to continue on older tyres until the end. The Briton was then overtaken by Max Verstappen, his teammate and Charles Leclerc.

"I was hopeful that today we were going to get a one-two for the team. Especially after not a great year. It was within our grasps and the SC did not help. I was on the edge of breaking point - my apologies to the team. I don't know what I said. I lost it for a second and I think they know it's so much passion," the Briton said over his furious on-board radio.

Victory was possible according to Hamilton

Hamilton believes victory was certainly possible. During Saturday's qualifying he might even have been able to compete for pole position, but Sergio Perez's crash in the closing stages of Q3 meant Hamilton had to step off the gas.

"We were quicker than most, but if it were for the safety car I think we would have challenged him on the one-stop, which I don't think the others could do," he said. "The car is finally working and if this can be the same for the next few races w will breathe down there necks and we will get that win. The last race we were miles away and w didn't understand and yesterday I was pole until the last corner," said the Briton.

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