'Deal between Red Bull and Porsche faltering, Honda possible alternative'

'Deal between Red Bull and Porsche faltering, Honda possible alternative'

29-08-2022 10:46 Last update: 12:52

While prior to the Belgian Grand Prix it was reported that Porsche would take over fifty per cent of Red Bull Technology, the deal between both parties is now said to be faltering. This would also make Porsche's entry into Formula 1 uncertain.

Deal between Red Bull Racing and Porsche falters

According to Auto, Motor und Sport the negotiations have stalled. Red Bull Racing is said to be hesitant because it fears that Porsche's influence may become too great and the team is said to be considering alternatives. For Porsche there are no alternatives, so time is running out for the German manufacturer.

The deal was supposed to be announced before the summer break, but the announcement was delayed for various reasons. In the meantime the situation does not seem to have become less complicated. Helmut Marko speaks of a 'complex situation' that cannot be resolved overnight, while Christian Horner says there are still many 'details to be clarified'. Earlier the team boss expressed his concerns about the deal and said Red Bull must not lose its own identity.

Honda possible alternative for Red Bull

Whereas Porsche is dependent on Red Bull for a possible entry into F1, this is not the case the other way around. Red Bull has alternatives in the form of its own engine department, Red Bull Powertrains, but Honda is also said to be considering a possible comeback in 2026. The cooperation between Red Bull and Honda will continue in the coming years, and given Red Bull's current success, it is quite possible that the two parties do not want to part company for the time being.