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Audi wants to announce partner at the end of 2022: Sauber remains the big favourite

Audi wants to announce partner at the end of 2022: Sauber remains the big favourite

26-08-2022 08:46 Last update: 10:16


Audi has announced that it will join Formula 1 as an engine supplier from 2026. The question is now with whom Audi will join forces? Sauber still seems the biggest candidate.

Audi to F1

On Friday morning, Formula 1 held an extensive press briefing for the announcement of Audi. The German brand has been linked to F1 for some time but has now officially announced its entry. The brand will make its own engines, but a decision about a partner has not yet been made.

At the press conference, Audi announced that no choice has yet been made as to who will be the brand's partner. However, the rumours about a deal with Sauber are persistent. Auto, Motor und Sport reports even after the announcement that there is still talk of a possible takeover of 75 percent of the Swiss team. Audi would then succeed Alfa Romeo as the name of the team.

Deal with Sauber

While Audi may be looking to promote its own team, as an engine supplier it is also not out of the question to partner up with other brands. Porsche has partnered with Red Bull Racing (and probably AlphaTauri), but who else can Audi turn to?

Audi itself is talking about a deal with one party and depending on that party the involvement of Audi will be determined. Aston Martin has previously indicated talks with the Volkswagen Group and Williams is another team that is a candidate for a partnership. McLaren and Audi were also linked earlier, but McLaren would reportedly not want to hand over such a large part of the organisation and keep its own name above the facade.

Patience will be tested for a while yet. Audi has now announced the engine project so that it can start immediately but is in no hurry to announce a deal with a team for 2026. Audi said at the press conference that it hopes to be able to clarify this by the end of 2022.

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