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Sitting back is not an option for Verstappen: 'Then you have to stop'

26 August at 07:36
Last update 26 August at 08:35

Max Verstappen has no intention of slowing down in the second half of the season. The Dutchman is eighty points ahead in the championship, but he says that does not matter.

An 80-point lead going into the summer break was a position of luxury that Verstappen and Red Bull Racing did not expect either. The RB18 was strong in 2022, but Verstappen did not have the best car in all races. The Dutchman is therefore honest in saying that he has been helped somewhat by mistakes at the competition.

Verstappen is not going to relax

The fact that Verstappen is in the lead, however, does not change his approach. The Red Bull Racing driver states AD that he still looks at it race by race. It's still not good enough. ''Our intention is to win more races, preferably all of them. To be more consistent, with no stoppages, that's what we are aiming for. Not to be second or third, not to be satisfied when someone else wins, but to be the best. No, to be the best ourselves.''

No matter how often he is asked: there is no relax-position with Max. If there was, he says he would rather quit the sport. ''Leaning back is not allowed. If you start doing that now, you have to stop. Because then you don't want it enough anymore'', the reigning world champion concludes.