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Change in 2024: Formula 2 cars will look like F1 cars

Change in 2024: Formula 2 cars will look like F1 cars

19 August - 19:52 Last update: 21:25


In Formula 1, 2022 saw the biggest change in regulations in many years. In Formula 2 and Formula 3, everything remained the same, with teams driving cars based on a concept that is already four years old. The organisation of the step-up classes to Formula 1 therefore thinks it is time to go in a new direction as well.

All teams in F2 and F3 drive the same cars, made by Dallara. In the meantime, a so-called tender has been launched, to which manufacturers can apply if they want to make the new F2 and F3 cars. In the 2024 season, these cars should be seen on the race track.

End of their cycle

"We’re planning to introduce a new car because the present cars, whether they’re in Formula 2 or Formula 3, have been lasting quite long, they’re at the end of their cycle; six years old,” CEO Bruno Michel told Speedcafe.com. "I think it’s always important that we get a car that is as close as, talking about F2 of course, as close as possible to Formula 1 with a fraction of the cost."

According to Michel, the new generation of F2 and F3 will be more like their F1 big brothers in terms of technology, performance and looks. What technical regulations the junior classes will use, the CEO says he is currently investigating. In 2023 the teams will therefore still drive the current cars.

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