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Older age has no effect on Alonso: 'Don't miss anything compared to then'

Older age has no effect on Alonso: 'Don't miss anything compared to then'

19-08-2022 10:43 Last update: 14:06


Fernando Alonso is 41 years old, but that does not stop him from being active in F1 for longer. The Spaniard sees few disadvantages to being older.

Return of Alonso

Alonso, meanwhile, is already in his nineteenth season in Formula 1 and will go on to more than twenty with his multi-year contract with Aston Martin. Whereas most athletes peak at some point, Alonso has not noticed any slackening in himself. He is still at the very highest level.

In 2022, Alonso will be just as good as his 16-year younger teammate. Alonso is 8-5 ahead in the qualifying duel and Esteban Ocon lost an average of 0.124s per qualifying session. The Frenchman did score more points than his teammate so far.

On at Aston Martin

Alonso told Motorsport.com Alonso says that he has no disadvantage now that he is older. ''I don't miss anything that I did when I was younger. In 2018, maybe I noticed that I was a bit mentally exhausted,'' says the two-time world champion. So after 2018, Alonso left the sport, only to return to Alpine in 2021.

Those two years away have done Alonso good, he says. Alonso has previously revealed that he believes he has been able to prolong his F1 career by taking a two-year break. After two years at Alpine he will leave for Aston Martin at the end of 2022, with which he hopes to still be competitive in F1.

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