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Spa-Francorchamps publishes house rules: no smoke flares or alcohol

Spa-Francorchamps publishes house rules: no smoke flares or alcohol

18 August - 17:17 Last update: 21:41


Recently, the behaviour of some Formula 1 fans during Grand Prix weekends has come under scrutiny on a number of occasions. Misbehaviour was particularly reported during the Austrian GP and since then organisers have been doing everything they can to prevent a repeat at their own event.

Spa-Francorchamps announces house rules

The organisation of the Belgian GP responds to this by announcing the house rules through a post on social media. First of all, they call for respectful behaviour: this means that visitors have to treat each other, but also the environment, with respect.

It is also made clear what is not allowed on the circuit. Visitors are advised not to take any of the following onto the premises: glass, smoke flares, weapons, alcohol, bicycles, pets (except for assistance dogs and Roscoe), barbecues and drones. Spa-Francorchamps may not be covered in orange mist this year. Finally, no signs may be taken off the track, with a warning that violators will be recorded by security cameras.

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