F1 owner puts Russia on blacklist: 'Non-negotiable'

F1 owner puts Russia on blacklist: 'Non-negotiable'

18-08-2022 13:02 Last update: 13:48

Formula 1 has definitely turned its back on Russia, which means we won't have to expect any more Russian GPs in the coming years. Stefano Domenicali told Sport Bild this week that Liberty Media will no longer negotiate a return to the weekend in Sochi.

Liberty Media does the right thing

The Russian Grand Prix is one that is very lucrative for Formula 1. The entry fee the promoters pay in Sochi is extremely high, but Domenicali shows he has a moral compass. Money cannot buy everything.

According to Domenicali, the revenues for Formula 1 would have been "insane". "But there are things that are not negotiable. We will not have any more negotiations with them. There will be no more racing there." After eight editions at Sochi's semi-state circuit, all of which were won by Mercedes by the way, it's over and done with for Russia. 

Liberty Media's position has everything to do with President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. There is still a war going on and there are a lot of (civil) casualties.