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Alonso realistic: 'I know I have an expiry date'

Alonso realistic: 'I know I have an expiry date'

18 August - 08:58 Last update: 09:53


Fernando Alonso is still enjoying his time in Formula 1. Despite his 41 years of age he decided this summer to make the switch to Aston Martin where he will be working for the next two years. Alonso is confident that it will be a successful partnership, he told the Spanish newspaper AS.

Alonso seemed to be entering his final period in the Alpine racing class, but nothing could be further from the truth. The experienced driver decided to join Aston Martin after the departure of Sebastian Vettel. He hopes to make great strides with that team in the coming years.

Alonso feels fresher since return

Alonso's extensive experience in the past means that he is no longer afraid of a challenge. Speaking to the Spanish media, the driver revealed that he also feels good.

"Sport is my life and I know I have an expiry date, but I try to enjoy it," Alonso said. "When I left Formula 1 in 2018, I was mentally and physically exhausted. Since I came back, I don't feel like that: I'm fresher." 

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