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Wolff on Hamilton's special ability: 'This is what he is doing'

Wolff on Hamilton's special ability: 'This is what he is doing'

17-08-2022 10:15 Last update: 10:25


Toto Wolff has worked with Lewis Hamilton for many years. With the seven-time world champion, the Austrian team boss has enjoyed a great deal of success and, according to Wolff, with good reason. It was Hamilton's special qualities that made the difference, he told The Financial Times.

"He can put the finger where it hurts," Wolff explained in the interview. "Lewis has never caused any headache, neither for me or the team. You need to push people out of their comfort zone, and this is what he is doing."

Mercedes faces competition

Mercedes was the best performing team on the grid for years, but that has changed this season. Ferrari and Red Bull Racing did better in the first half of the season, leaving Mercedes trailing. Although it is a disappointment for the German team, Wolff recognises that it is good for Formula 1 that there is competition again.

However, Wolff feels that Mercedes is now on the right track again to take on its competitors. Whether it will be enough to fight for the first places in the championship again remains to be seen.