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Verstappen understands: 'It is very hard for them'

Verstappen understands: 'It is very hard for them'

17-08-2022 06:57 Last update: 09:19


The Formula 1 drivers had to get used to the new cars at the start of the season. Because of the new regulations, a lot of things changed on the tracks, says Max Verstappen in conversation with The Race.

Verstappen realised immediately that the new generation of cars had the necessary understeer, which he did not like at all. As a result, Red Bull Racing set out to find a solution for the driver. Due to this, Verstappen was unable to get the best out of his car at the start of the season.

While the reigning world champion performed well at many circuits, he struggled on a number of occasions. Qualifying for the Monaco and Azerbaijan Grands Prix, for example, was extremely difficult. "Street circuits are a bit tougher for me," says Verstappen.

Verstappen understands Pirelli's situation

Nevertheless, Verstappen has a lot of understanding for the situation. At the start Pirelli had to estimate which tyre it should take to the race weekends, while it could not compare the situation with previous years. It ensured that not all decisions turned out happy.

"They had to bring a tyre and they didn’t really know how much downforce we would have or the weight of the car. It’s very hard for Pirelli to have had a full idea of what to expect or what they were going to get."