De Vries receives fierce criticism: 'This time I was the victim'

De Vries receives fierce criticism: 'This time I was the victim'

14-08-2022 14:54 Last update: 15:29

Pascal Wehrlein is not pleased with the performance of Nyck de Vries in Seoul. The driver, who retired Sunday afternoon after a collision with De Vries, was very critical of the Dutchman both during and after the race and let his emotions run wild.

De Vries saw Wehrlein go past him during the race and tried to overtake him again, but the first driver proved to be too ambitious. Not only did he crash hard, but Wehrlein saw the last of his season disappear as well. It earned De Vries a penalty from race control.

Rage Wehrlein not gone yet

Wehrlein found De Vries' action incomprehensible and therefore expressed this over the board radio. "I hope he doesn’t get to F1," shouted Wehrlein over the board radio, who afterwards in conversation with The Race Wehrlein had not calmed down yet.

"It’s not the standard of this championship," he told the Medium. "I mean… these moves! In the end my race was destroyed, his race was destroyed and he got two penalty points for it, licence points. It’s quite often the same drivers with over-motivated moves and unfortunately this time I was the victim of him."

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