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Hamilton peps up Mercedes: 'It’s failures that truly makes us strong'

Hamilton peps up Mercedes: 'It’s failures that truly makes us strong'

14 August - 12:55 Last update: 13:24


The Formula One season has not been easy for Lewis Hamilton. At the start of the season, Mercedes were trailing Ferrari and Red Bull Racing by a wide margin, which meant he could only compete in the subtopics. Although it made for a difficult few months, he also takes a lot of positivity from the situation.

Whereas George Russell managed to finish third on several occasions despite his car, Hamilton struggled to keep up with his teammate. "I've struggled with feeling comfortable in the car this year," the seven-time world champion told Viaplay.

In the meantime, however, he has noticed a definite change. "I'm in a more kind of leading position with the car rather than it leading me - it has been good," says Hamilton, who remains positive. "I think for anybody it is a good experience. It's the failures that truly makes us strong."

Hamilton on post-career plans

Meanwhile, for Hamilton, the end of his career is slowly approaching. The Briton revealed that he does not intend to be critical of other Formula 1 drivers next. He wants to remain positive because he knows how difficult it is to drive in the motorsport class.

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