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'I hope the F1 championship does not end in Austin'

'I hope the F1 championship does not end in Austin'

12 August - 20:24 Last update: 21:24

Max Verstappen is well on his way to his second world title, but with nine Grands Prix still to go the battle is certainly not over. The organiser of the United States GP, number six of the nine, hopes that the title will not be decided in Austin.

When will the F1 title be decided?

Bobby Epstein, promoter of the United States GP, hopes the title fight between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will continue for longer. "I have to say that when we get the championship concluded here, it’s less exciting than when it comes down to the last lap of the last race," Epstein stated in conversation with Reuters.

He continued: "Everyone likes to see excitement so in many, many ways I hope the championship doesn’t end here. I think it’s better for the sport if it goes as long as it can into the season." At the moment, it seems unlikely that the championship will be decided in the final moments of the season, as was the case last year. However, the first half of 2022 has already shown how quickly things can turn around and Ferrari will want to do everything in its power to defuse criticism and bring excitement back to the championship.

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