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Fear of harsh intervention if Ferrari situation does not change

Fear of harsh intervention if Ferrari situation does not change

12 August - 11:24 Last update: 11:57


Ferrari has all the ingredients to fight for the world title this season. The Italians have a good car, two talented drivers in Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz and, after fifteen years without a World Championship, a fervent desire to win. Red Bull Racing, however, is miles ahead of Ferrari, leading Gary Anderson to fear that the team will have to intervene hard after the calendar year.

After an excellent start to the season in which Leclerc managed to run away from Max Verstappen, a lot went wrong at Ferrari. Not only did Leclerc and Sainz make some big personal mistakes, but also strategically the team showed it was not entirely sharp.

It gave Verstappen the chance to run away from the competition and give himself a safe lead. With a difference of eighty points in the world championship and 97 points in the constructors' championship, Ferrari's chances of winning seem slim.

Pressure on Ferrari mounting

Anderson fears that this could have major consequences for Ferrari's future. If the team doesn't manage to get closer to Red Bull by the end of the season, the former Formula One technical director believes redundancies could be imminent.

"If it’s ever to win a championship again, that needs to change and change quickly," Anderson said on The Race. "It has nine races to show its understanding of how best to execute a race weekend and try to pull at least some championship points back. Otherwise, I’m afraid heads are going to be on the chopping block in Maranello."

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