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Understand more and more why Alonso goes to Aston Martin'.

Understand more and more why Alonso goes to Aston Martin'.

11 August - 09:41


Marcus Ericsson can understand why Fernando Alonso has made the switch to Aston Martin. According to the former F1 driver, the choice suits the Spanish driver.

Alonso surprised friend and foe with his switch to Aston Martin for 2023. The driver seemed destined for another year with Alpine, but with Sebastian Vettel's departure from Aston Martin another seat became available. Aston Martin took a chance with the two-time world champion and got lucky.

Alonso to Aston Martin

''When I saw the news I was of course surprised, but the more I think about it the more I understand why it happened,'' Ericsson told Sky Sports. Alonso is said to have based the choice primarily on his future in the sport. Whereas at Alpine he would be committed for the short term, at the British team he signs a multi-year deal.

''He wanted to be in control and make his own path. With the opportunity at Aston Martin that came up for him, I understand why he took that chance. The long deal as opposed to the one-year deal he was rumoured to get at Alpine, but the news was a shock'', the Swede concludes.

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