Albon: 'Verstappen made me look like I was driving a bus'

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8 August at 08:11
Last update 8 August at 08:56

Alexander Albon, as a former teammate of Max Verstappen, provides an interesting and unique insight into the Dutchman's approach to a race weekend. The Williams driver would like to be as relaxed as the Dutchman.

Albon in awe of Verstappen

Albon was given the chance to compete against the sport's greats very early in his F1 career. The Brit replaced Pierre Gasly at Red Bull Racing and came to drive alongside Verstappen. His time with the team was not a success, leaving him without an F1 seat for a year after that. At The MotorMouth Podcast Albon still sounds perplexed about what he saw at his then Red Bull teammate. Albon makes his awe very clear.

"I would say he is the most gifted driver I have ever driven alongside. It's difficult to compare your teammates, but he drives like he talks; there's no room for politics. He is very straightforward and very relaxed. People don't really know that side of him, but he's so relaxed that I almost think, 'I wish I was that relaxed'." Albon recalls that just before a qualifying session, Verstappen could be busy playing computer games like FIFA and opened so-called digital 'FIFA packs' just before the session.

Albon brings unique perspective on Verstappen's skills

Albon continues his story in which he shares his unique perspective on the reigning world champion's racing skills. Albon: "It's also the way he handles the car. He is very precise. What he wants in a car is very different from what most drivers want. He wants a car that is so sharp in the corner; it's unbelievable." According to Albon, Verstappen is always playing with the car. And although the Dutchman's steering always looks very smooth, Albon knows better: "It's not. I can tell you that that car is extremely sharp."

The Williams driver concludes, "I've always been known as a driver who likes a lot of front gripping, to control the car precisely. And then this guy comes in. He makes it look like I'm driving a bus."